Welcome to My Quilting Friend

I’m Jeannie and I started this blog, My Quilting Friend, because I rely on my quilting friends to give me helpful tips and advise.  Unfortunately, my quilting friends are hours away.  The reality is that I love sewing and quilting, but I wouldn’t consider myself “good” at any of them.  When I’m quilting with my friends, I find that I can ask the same question over and over again because too much time has passed since I used that technique.  I think I’ve looked-up “how to connect binding strips” about 100 times.  So here I’ll publish projects, and all of the techniques I had to look up or ask about, so you and I have one source for quick reference in the future.  Can you think of something you need at your fingertips?  Jot me a line and I’ll post it!  Next time when our quilting friends are sitting next to us, they might ask US a question – wouldn’t that be a change!  Let’s start stitching!


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